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Civil Litigation Lawyer in Tualatin, OR

Civil litigation involves resolving disputes between parties that do not involve criminal charges. These can be disputes between individuals or individuals and groups, businesses or governmental entities, as well as between companies or corporations. These disputes are often based on alleged financial or other civil harm and concern rights, obligations, and damages. 

Litigation becomes necessary when disputes cannot be resolved through other means, such as negotiation or mediation. When those methods break down, a formal legal judgment must be sought to achieve resolution. This involves the intervention of a court to determine the outcome of the dispute based on the evidence and legal arguments presented. 

When you and the other party can no longer resolve a dispute outside of court, you will need the services of a civil trial attorney. At The Law Office of Joseph M. Harder, you can turn to a proven litigator who can help you navigate the court system. Attorney Joseph Harder knows how to investigate, analyze, prepare, and present cases in civil court and can aggressively protect your rights while pursuing a favorable outcome. 

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Why Choose The Law Office of Joseph M. Harder?

Choosing JMH means partnering with an attorney dedicated to your cause who is well-equipped to handle the complexities of your case. We represent parties bringing civil claims against others and those who need to defend against them.

Attorney Joseph Harder brings a wealth of knowledge, strategic insight, and litigation experience to the table, ensuring your case is presented compellingly and effectively. Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive understanding of civil litigation positions us to achieve optimum outcomes for our clients.

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  • "100% would recommend!"
    Joe was amazing to work with. We worked together for close to TWO years on my case and he never backed down or ceased to amaze me with his knowledge and understanding.
    - Emma
  • "Beyond satisfied with his representation."
    Joe represented me for a divorce and restraining order cases, and was professional, kind, direct, and honest. I felt like he actually cared about what was important to me, and advocated for me in front of the judge.
    - Justine
  • "Joe Harder is absolutely the guy you want by your side when things are tough!"
    For men working on maintaining our rights as an equal parent, the Family Court system can be tilted. Having an attorney who understands the hurtles men face is critical. Joe Harder is absolutely the guy you want by your side!
    - Orion
  • "Highly recommended for your legal needs."
    HE DEFINITELY goes against the grain as far lawyers are thought to be, I will use him again in the future if I ever need to pull the trigger to protect my rights as a father.
    - Brandon

    Civil Litigation Cases in Oregon

    In civil litigation, you may seek remedies for the harm you have experienced from the other party. These cases generally involve a complex legal process of various steps, from court filings to exchanging information between the two sides to court hearings and bench or jury trials. 

    Remedies available in these cases are meant to compensate the aggrieved party. Common remedies include monetary damages, compensating the plaintiff for losses incurred due to the defendant's actions. They are intended to cover direct losses and costs, while punitive damages aim to punish the defendant for particularly harmful behavior and deter similar actions in the future. 

    In some cases, the court may order equitable remedies, such as injunctions, to prevent a party from continuing harmful activities or specific performance that compels a party to fulfill the terms of a contract. The appropriate remedy will depend on the nature of the dispute, the evidence presented, and the legal principles applicable to the case.

    Civil Litigation Matters We Handle

    Civil litigation cases can involve various areas in which disputes can arise.

    Common cases can involve:

    • Personal injury: Claims related to injuries suffered due to another's negligence, wrongdoing, intentional misconduct, or malpractice.
    • Employment law: Disputes between employees and employers involving contracts, wages, discrimination, workplace safety, and other issues.
    • Commercial and business disputes: Involves legal disputes related to business issues such as contracts, partnerships, and intellectual property.
    • Real estate disputes: Covers issues related to property ownership, transactions, boundaries, land use, and landlord-tenant relationships.
    • Consumer law: Pertains to disputes between consumers and businesses regarding product liability, consumer rights, and warranty enforcement.
    • Financial law: These disputes are related to investments, securities, banking, and other financial transactions.

    The Civil Litigation Process

    The civil litigation process typically includes several steps; the complexity and duration of the process can vary significantly based on the details and circumstances of each case.

    Typical steps include:

    • Investigation: The initial step involves a thorough investigation by both parties to gather pertinent facts, identify potential witnesses, and formulate legal claims or defenses.
    • Pleadings: This phase includes filing formal documents with the court. The plaintiff files a complaint to initiate the lawsuit, and the defendant responds with an answer, possibly including counterclaims against the plaintiff.
    • Discovery: During discovery, both sides exchange detailed information related to the case through depositions, interrogatories, and document requests. This essential phase allows each party to understand the other's side of the story and prepare their case.
    • Pre-trial proceedings: Pre-trial activities involve court appearances to discuss the management of the trial, the necessity of narrowing issues, and any settlement possibilities. It's also a time for motions to be made, such as motions to dismiss or motions for summary judgment.
    • Trial: If the case is not settled, it progresses to a trial where both sides present their evidence and arguments. A judge or jury then decides the outcome based on the presented facts and applicable laws.
    • Settlement: At any point during the process, the parties can agree to a settlement. A settlement is an agreement to resolve the dispute without a trial, often involving a payment to the plaintiff.
    • Appeal: If one party is dissatisfied with the outcome, they may appeal to a higher court to review the decision for legal errors. The appeals process can extend the litigation timeline considerably.
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